Shaun Frohn - Associate Winemaker in Camarillo, California.

Shaun Frohn- Associate Winemaker in Camarillo, CA
Born and raised in the Northern California Bay area, Shaun grew up in one of the prime wine and grape regions of the world. His passion for wine started at a young age when He worked in the Santa Cruz mountains, home of many famed wineries. This passion quickly became an obsession. As the obsession grew, so did his thirst for knowledge about wine and wine-making. He started a Wine Party business that rapidly grew popular shortly before my move to Southern California. This experience gave Shaun the background needed to help with the establishment of The Wineyard, in Thousand Oaks, California. This winebar is known for its great wine selection, wonderful wine showcase nights, and enthusiastic owners and staff. Through this avenue, Shaun found his calling. For the past five years, His days have been full as Associate Winemaker at the Camarillo Custom Crush Winery, Traveling to UC Davis for classes, and producing his own Gold Medal Award Winning label, Consensio Cellars established in 2008.

Shaun can be reached at 805.823.5553 or